Have you ever been at a loss as to what to get your male friend for his birthday? Or have you ever messed up and accidentally bought something that is too small or too big? Well here is a guide on the size of gifts best suited for different types of people.

Male Under 12 Years Old: If shopping for a boy who has not yet reached puberty, do not resort to buying him something you want. If this is the case, buy him a toy he wants and make sure it won’t fit. Male Between 12-14 Years Old: It’s time for your friend to start growing up, so get them an age-appropriate gift that they will enjoy using.

How long is 4.7 inches?

Male Between 15-17 Years Old: Your friend is growing up and will appreciate a gift that he can use when doing ‘homework.’ Male 18+ Years Old: This is when you can finally get your friend something useful. If they drink coffee, buy them a mug with the length of 4.7 inches. If not, buy them a toothbrush.

Male Over 18 Years Old: It’s time for your friend to start acting his age. Get him something that he will actually use, like a ruler or an extension cord. If neither of those are available, just buy him another length of 4.7 inches.

4.7 inches is about half the length of a credit card

When shopping for someone who has everything, sometimes it can be hard to find something they will actually use. So remember, no matter how small or big the gift is you are buying; whether its 4.7 inches or anything that fits into your pocket (or even an iphone box) – it’s always better than nothing!

iPhones: Are You Getting a Good Deal?

iPhone shoppers have been looking at the new iPhone 4 with envy as Apple fans wait for the release of the fifth generation of iPhones this summer. In addition, some may be wondering how to get a good deal on older models that Apple is still selling. Well, here is a guide to help you save some money and get the best deal possible.

iPhone 5: The iPhone 5 is expected to release in the summer of 2012 along with the iMac Pro and iOS 6. It will be thinner than all previous iPhones and have longer battery life, an improved camera, NFC technology built-in, as well as having faster Internet and mobile speeds.

iPads: What to Get With Your iPad

iPad shoppers and Apple fans have been waiting for the release of the iPad 3 since February 2012, when it was originally supposed to be released. Now that we know the new iPad will be released in March 2012, we can start looking forward to what we want to get with it. Here is a list of some of the best and most useful iPad accessories:

iPad 3 (4.7 inches)

Laptops/Macbooks: A Guide to Shopping For a MacBook Laptop. Apple fans and shoppers have been waiting for the release of the new MacBook Air since May 2011, when Apple first announced it would be released in late 2011. Well, we can finally stop waiting and start buying! So what should you get with your new MacBook Air?

Here is a list of the best and most useful MacBook accessories

MacBook Air (13 inches): This gorgeous laptop comes in three colors, silver, grey and gold. It also offers up to 7 hours of battery life, weighs less than 3 pounds, and has an 11-inch screen.


So what should you get for your male family member or friend now that we’ve covered all the sizes? Well, if they like coffee or tea then a mug with a length of 4.7 inches would be perfect as long as it fits inside your pocket. If not, just buy your friend another length of 4.7 inches and consider yourself lucky.

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