Introducing Decks of Monsters uses a familiar format that fantasy fans should be familiar with: the use of playing cards to represent characters in a story. As you can guess from the title, this particular deck contains only monster and NPC card art.

As you’ve seen in other reviews, I’m not going to go over every single card in this product. Instead, since it’s a random assortment of some of the best artwork in the project, I’m going to hit on the major points.

That being said, there are plenty of really cool monster images here – most notably are the minotaur, ogre mage, griffon, giant spider and basilisk. The minotaur is particularly disturbing with its asymmetrical horns and the face of a demon.

The hydra is interesting, in that all four pictures are very dynamic and convey its massive power. The seahorse(?) is also fantastic, with the blue-colored “targeting” figure in the water giving it an imposing sense of uncertainty.

How to use xyz monsters:

The most disappointing of the bunch is probably the displacer beast. The perspective of a human-like figure atop a massive cat just doesn’t do it for me. As nice as the artwork is, this one just doesn’t “feel” like a displacer beast should. The other quibble I have with the set is that there are just too many high attack/low defense cards. Aside from the hydra, all of the really powerful monsters have 1 defense. Putting these in front of your weaker cards (or worse yet, your allies) makes it easy for them to be destroyed by even low-level mages or

How to play :

Decks of Monsters is a great value for your money. With 142 cards, there are countless combinations that can be made to create some really interesting encounters. There’s also an included mini-booklet that gives some ideas on how you might use these cards in roleplaying games and live action settings. If you’re looking for an art-based product that’s different from the usual RPG supplements, this is worth every penny!

Strategy tips:

The deck of monsters isn’t just a random collection of creatures; it’s actually built like an adventure game. With 142 cards, you can create your own dungeon by lining up monster after monster (or fill out your character’s NPC sheet). As you advance on cards with increased levels, things increase in difficulty and intensity.

Monsters and their abilities:

The hydra has four heads and each one can attack independent of the others. It also regenerates each round, so those multiple heads are going to cause some serious damage. The basilisk is a deadly foe as well: anyone that looks into its eyes will turn to stone! And then there’s the ogre mage, which not only looks badass but can do some serious damage.

Winning the game:

There are so many ways to win with this deck. One way is to kill every monster in the line-up; another is by visiting all four corners of the room you’re in. You can even abandon these quests and just try to reach the center of the card, which would be equivalent to finding a magical treasure chest full of loot


Great for gamers and collectors, Decks of Monsters is a must-have for anyone who enjoys tabletop RPGs. It’s also a fun way to get your kids interested in art and probably the best value on the market (at least as far as gaming-related products go). Players will find Decks of Monsters offers hours of game-play and no two games will ever be the same. Even if you’re playing at home by yourself, it’s a great way to pass time or just zone out for awhile.

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