Yet another sequel to the much loved multiplayer game. Its latest update has added a new fighter, which will be introduced below in detail. Developed by Neutronized and published by Armor Games and Playgendary, this is one of the best free online fighting games that you can play right now.

The new fighter we mentioned above is male boxer, which has been added to the game along with a new stage. The first thing you will notice about him is his classy look. He resorts to bare knuckles, so be prepared for some dust ups with your enemies if you fight as this character. To unlock him though, you have to earn enough points by playing as other characters in the game.

how to defeat ghost shadow

The controls are pretty simple. Press keys W, A, S and D to move your character around, press J to attack with your right hand and K to attack with the left one. To jump just use key up arrow or key spacebar. You can also perform combos by pressing J then K or vice-versa. Press key Q to activate your attack mode and get your character back to normal.

The game has very easy controls, which is one of the reasons it is loved by so many people across the world. You can play using just your keyboard or you can connect a controller if that suits you better. Moreover, your progress is saved, so you won’t have to start all over again every time you log in. This makes it one of the most forgiving free games on the market.

Choose the right weapon for the job

The game has several different weapons for you to choose from. Swords, knuckle dusters, knives – you name it! This means that your character will suit your style, depending on the weapon you pick. Get stuck into this multiplayer game by creating an account and then searching for “Ghost Shadow Fight 2” in the search bar. There is also a multiplayer option, so you can play with your friends online and enjoy the fun of fighting against each other. Defeat Ghost Shadow Fight 2

With such amazing graphics and gameplay this is one free game that has managed to become very, very popular as it manages to blend traditional platforming elements with new tech features such as augmented reality.

Use your environment to your advantage

The game helps you do this by giving you various ranged weapons, allowing you to shoot your enemies instead of getting close to them. You can also use things in the environment to help defeat your opponents, for example with bombs that explode!

You have unlimited lives in this game, so dying is not a problem. You can use it to your advantage by using power-ups, which are indicated by a special icon appearing over your character’s head.

Dodge and block attacks

You can dodge out of the way when an enemy is about to attack you, or block their incoming attacks with your shield. This is also useful for defending yourself in multiplayer battles, so it’s worth mastering early on.

These special moves are triggered when you use certain weapons in combination. For example, pressing J and K together with a sword will give you the fire attack. Combine your power-ups with special moves for maximum effect against your online opponents.

Attack at the right time

This bit is pretty simple. Look at your opponent’s expression before you attack them, as this will let you know whether they are about to attack or not. If you attack when their shield is up, the damage done will be reduced, but if you time it right and dodge their attack then it can be very rewarding indeed.

There are so many great weapons to choose from, but the problem is deciding which one to go for. If you like long range attacks then a bow might be your weapon of choice, whereas if you like close combat then opting for swords will help you stand up against your enemies.

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