What is GroupMe, and why should you use it?

Groupme is simply a messaging app that uses the internet to send messages to other people. It has something called ‘groups’ – essentially, you can either create or join groups, and send message only to those who are in the group with you.

It has awesome features like:

– Group calling -and each person gets their own connection, mind you

– Group location sharing -so everyone knows where everyone is!

It’s an amazing app and I personally use it to communicate with my roommates and friends at school – most of what we do together is on this app.

I honestly can’t imagine not using it.

There are people who only know how to use the iOS app, and there are those who only know how to use the Android app. If you’re one of those lucky people who learned how to use both – that makes life easier for you, since this is a cross-platform app.

However, if you’re an iOS user like me, there’s one problem: you can’t use the Android app.

You can also join public groups or find new friends by searching for topics of interest. Groups are great for organizing events, sharing photos and videos, and more.

How to create a group on GroupMe

1. Click on your icon (top left) and click ‘New group’.

2. Click the “Add people” button, then type in their username into the search bar that pops up. You can also add them by clicking on their profile picture, typing in their username and adding them that way.

3. Click on their name, click the checkmark to confirm, and they’ve joined. You can change the group name or description by clicking on the pencil icon on top of the list of members.

How to invite people to your group on GroupMe

1. Click on your icon (top left) and click ‘New message’.

2. Type in the username of the person you want to invite into the ‘To’ field, then type your message into the box that pops up below it.

3. Click on their name at the bottom of that window, click “Add people” and select who to add.

4. Click the checkmark on the pop-up window and they’ve joined! You can also do this by clicking on their profile picture and choosing ‘Add people’.

What are the reasons to leave a group?

There’s one main reason to leave a group – lack of communication. Sometimes, it’s hard for everyone in the group to agree when they should text or call each other, especially when there are people who have different schedules. Here are some responses from someone who actually left their group:

– We would always ask for a group chat, but it never worked out.

– I felt excluded from the group chat. No one ever texted me first, and I knew that if they were going to have a text chat with others in the group, then I wasn’t invited.

Not to mention that when you leave a group chat, things can get awkward.

How to leave a group on groupme

Go to your profile on the app.

Tap Groups.

Tap the group you want to leave.

Scroll down to Leave Group.

You will get a notification that you left, and that person will be notified too. The people in the group may be sad but it’s only temporary – you can always rejoin!

The biggest reason that people don’t want to leave a group chat is because they are scared that the person who created it will be mad at them for not letting him/her know. If the person who created it is your friend, then they’ll understand that you just want to use it for communicating with people. If they misinterpret your reason for leaving, then at least you tried getting out of there!

Leaving a group chat isn’t going to ruin any friendships.

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