On April 30th, I was curious about how many followers do playlists have if you’re not the creator. So I decided to find out by creating a community playlist and doing some research.

I created this playlist on Wednesday night (April 29) around 8:30pm MST time. This report will be showing my progress throughout that week.

how can you see who likes your playlist on spotify?

You can’t, you have to go onto the playlist on a computer or use another device with your account.

Every person who likes your playlist while it is public will be visible through Spotify’s search feature. If they are not following you, you will only see their username and any other followers of the Playlist creator. If they are following you, then their profile picture and username will be visible. If they are following you, you can also check how many songs they have listened to by clicking on the playlist and scrolling down until you see a section called followers.

What are Spotify Community Playlists and how do they work?

Spotify Community playlists are created by Spotify users, so when you go to add a song to the playlist it asks if you want to be the curator. If you say yes, your profile picture will be displayed in the playlist and everyone who follows you can see your playlist in their “followings”. The reason I chose this particular playlist to follow is because it has over 1 million followers! I thought that was pretty cool. I will be updating this blog at least once a day with my new numbers until Saturday, May 9th which is when the playlist expires.

How can you find and follow Community Playlists that interest you?

You can do this by going to the Browse section on Spotify and scrolling down until you see an option that says “community playlists” click on it and search for anything you want. Then go to any playlist you like and follow them, but if they aren’t following you then that’s okay because their profile will still be displayed in the playlist. Also, when someone adds a song to the playlist it is displayed in your feed with the option to follow them if they are not following you already.

What are the benefits of following Community Playlists on Spotify?

On the playlist that I am following, the curator of the playlist has a section where he features other Community Playlists. You can get followers by sharing your playlists and having other people follow you. It is also nice to be able to check out all different genres and maybe discover something new!

How to create a new Community Playlist on Spotify

1. Go to Browse on Spotify

2. Click on the Community Playlists button in the top right corner of your screen

3. Search for something you want

4. When you find a playlist you like, click on it and choose “follow” or “following” if they are following you already

5. If you want to create your own playlist you can click the “create” button at the bottom of your screen. You can choose any songs you want to include 6. Click on “public” so that other people are able to find it

7. Search for other users who have public playlists

8. Find a playlist you like, go down until you see “follow” and click it


I found out that the most followers a playlist has is over 1 million. The least amount of followers one had was 5, which means that you probably have to add a lot of songs before anyone can find it and follow it. I do not know if there are playlists with 0 followers because they never expire so maybe no one knows how to find them.

I found out that you can’t search for people who like your playlist, but instead they have to find you. The only way I know how to do this is through searching the Community Playlists and seeing if anyone follows me after I add a song.

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