In this article, I will be telling you how to delete a file from your Pokemon. This may come in useful to people who have downloaded a hacked Pokemon rom off of the internet which they don’t want anymore or for any other reason. However, there is only one way to do this so follow these instructions carefully.

Please note that this process will format your entire Pokemon game including save files, Pokedex data and options; so use on a Pokemon Game you no longer want is recommended. Any items or TMs obtained after the deletion may remain but any items or TMs on the deleted file will be lost. Also included in this article will be the process to return your Pokemon game back to normal if you have already formatted it.

how to restart game pokemon xd

1. Open up your ‘My Computer’ or ‘Computer’

2. Locate your Pokemon Game in My Computer/Computer (Normally found in C://)

3. Delete every file within the folder, except for the .SAV file at the end of your Pokemon game

4. Now open up your game and you should get a message saying that the game has been corrupted, just press OK for this to happen. You can now download your game again or start playing it if you wish.

What is “Delete A File” on Pokemon and how do you use it?

“Delete A File on Pokemon” describes to delete a file from your pokemon. This is useful for people who have downloaded a hacked pokemon rom off the internet that they don’t want anymore or for any other reason. However, there is only one way to do this so follow these instructions carefully.

How to delete your saved game data on pokemon

Basically, you need to open up your “My Computer” or “Computer” and locate your pokemon game in My Computer / Computer (Normally found in C://) . Delete every file except for the .SAV file at the end of your Pokemon game. Next, reopen your Pokemon game and a message should appear saying that it’s corrupted. Click “OK” and your saved game data will be deleted. You can download it again or play the normal version.

Tips for deleting your game data correctly on pokemon

* Be sure to delete every file in the folder except for the .SAV file. Deleting any other files might cause errors or problems when you try to play your game again.

* Also, make sure that when you’re deleting things like Pokedex data, options and boxes that you don’t accidentally open up one of the files and delete something you actually needed.

* “Delete A File on Pokemon” can also wipe out any items or TMs that you might have received after the deletion of your game data, so be sure to back up anything important before deleting your saved game information.

The consequences of deleting your game data incorrectly on pokemon

Incorrectly deleting your Pokemon game data will have a bunch of negative side effects. If you’ve already deleted the wrong things, there are a few ways you can get around this. One way is to start over from scratch and use different save files, one for each new file that you create. Another way is to load up an old save file and then just copy the things that you need from it.

Alternatives to deleting your game data on pokemon

Although getting rid of your Pokemon game data is the primary way to fix an error or problem with it, there are actually a few other ways to go about this. If you’re running into errors involving bad graphics for example, try resetting your computer’s graphics settings back to their default options. Sometimes all that may be required is just a simple computer restart and that should fix the problem. If you’re encountering glitches or bugs within your Pokemon game, try to see if there’s a patch from the creator of the ROM that can solve this for you.

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