Arlo is a very easy boss to defeat if you have the right strategy

I have already provided two strategies above. This is all you need to defeat him, but if you are still unsure of how to fight him here is an overview of his abilities so that you can recognize them when he uses them:

  • Arlo’s Dash Attack- Arlo will teleport behind your target and slash at them with his claws. Arlo will yell “You’re next!” before he dashes.
  • Arlo’s Screech Attack- Arlo will scream really loud and make everybody in the area dizzy, including himself. He also will be unable to move while screaming.
  • Arlo’s Jump Attack- Arlo will jump and smash the ground, making a shockwave that will damage you if you are in its path.
  • Arlo’s Double Team Attack- This ability is only used when he becomes twice as big.
  • Arlo’s Dark Matter Balls- This ability is only used when he becomes twice as big. Arlo will start throwing dark matter balls at everybody in the area, dealing high damage to anybody it hits.
  • Arlo’s Bomb- Arlo will throw a bomb that deals high damage to everybody who it hits.

How?  How to defeat arlo?

If you want to destroy Arlo with your team of three or less simply use these methods.

1) Always have a trap box under the bridge leading into the final base so that you can trap Arlo off the bridge.

2) Build around 20 walls to trap Arlo. Then, build 3 TNT traps on top of each other right in front of the walls.

3) If you’re running out of sand/gravel you can always run into the final base and mine for it there. However if somebody else is already mining it you’re out of luck.

4) Always destroy the vaults that Arlo builds before he gets into them and kills you with his high DPS. If done correctly this strategy should kill him in about 8 minutes left on clock. This is unnecessary if you defeat him at under 5 minutes left on the clock, however I recommend killing him at 8 minutes left for a sure victory.

5) If you have teammates, one of them can go invincible and stand on top of Arlo’s highest block so that Arlo cannot hit him/her. This makes the fight considerably easier as you no longer have to worry about his high DPS. However if players die they will need somebody to come revive them.

6) If you’re thinking of doing the double kill strategy when Arlo becomes twice as big just don’t, it doesn’t work anymore. When he becomes twice as big his damage is doubled so using this method will only get you killed. Also when he is in his bigger form he can jump farther and move faster than you.

7) If somebody dies and you’re alone with Arlo, but you have a bow, start shooting him while retreating into TNT traps to take care of him.

8) Attempt this strategy at 8 minutes left on the clock or else it will be too difficult. Also make sure that your teammates are fully armored like you!

The first thing you need to do is find his weakness, which will be either fire or water

Then, construct a base surrounding his weakness. Once you have done this successfully surround Arlo in water or lava so that he cannot escape it. If you are having some problems with this strategy build sand/gravel around him to slow him down and then throw water/lava on him while he is being slowed down. This will ensure that he can’t escape the water/lava.


To defeat Arlo, find his weakness and construct a base around it. Have teammates mine for you when you’re in the process of killing him so that your teammate can get into position to fire arrows at him. Do not try this strategy if there are already players mining in the area! This will only result in failure and defeat.

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