I have a question about the cursed items in the game, specifically the Ring of Cursed Souls(the item with souls flying around it) and the Symbol of Avarice (the item with eyes on it). Are these considered cursed when you pick them up? Do they automatically place themselves in your inventory or remove one curse when you use them? You pick them up, you use them – do they have any effect on the character at all? I know that wearing the Symbol of Avarice gives you +20% soul drop rate.

Is this bonus constant for as long as it is worn like other items like the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (this ring increases souls gained by 20%)? Or does it only work for a limited amount of time like the Rusted Iron Ring (which makes you non-human, but increases souls gained by 20%)?

how to get rid of a curse in dark souls

The difference between “resting” at the bonfire and just “passing time” until you’re ready to progress is that resting at the bonfire erases your death debuff, making it impossible to summon phantoms for boss fights. The Ring of the Evil Eye (which allows you to kindle a bonfire to twice the regular level) makes this very convenient.

You can also buy all of your estus flasks back to full, making it an even more useful item. The only downside is that you have less “bonfire” locations on your map, since you’ve used them up by resting at them.

Curse and its effects in Dark Souls

The Ring of the Evil Eye is probably the best item for “undo-ing” mistakes, but it’s also arguably one of the worst rings in the game. It makes you very powerful… if you are at low health. If your health is full, it actually makes you weaker by making your estus flasks heal less.

It should be mentioned that the Symbol of Avarice does not actually have a curse effect, but it makes your character look like he’s been cursed. Effectively, other players will see you as a “bad person,” and while this has no actual penalties in-game, it might make some people angry if they kill you while assuming you are “bad.”

What is Dark Souls and how it can help in dealing with curses

Dark Souls is an action role-playing game set in a third-person perspective, similar to previous From Software titles such as Demon’s Souls. As with other games in the series, the player makes their way through each area, fighting enemies and collecting items and equipment.

The biggest differences between this game and its predecessors are the speed of gameplay (Dark Souls is significantly faster-paced), the improved combat system, the removal of multitudes of “hidden walls” that were featured in Demon’s Souls, and its online interactivity.

How to perform the Dark Souls fast cure for curse

After the player has accumulated a certain amount of souls (the game’s currency), they can spend them at a “bonfire” to:

– Restore their health bar and blood stains.

– Transport themselves to another lit bonfire in the area, or to the last one they rested at.

– Upgrade their attributes such as strength, dexterity, intelligence, and faith.

– Use items such as Estus flasks, which are used to restore your health in the middle of combat.

– Summon friendly phantoms into their world, or invade another player’s world as a hostile phantom.


The Ring of the Evil Eye, when in close-combat mode, makes you incredibly powerful. If your health is low enough for it to activate, however, it can easily kill you if you are fighting an enemy which does a lot of damage very quickly (i.e. Red Archers).

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