When I first started playing Roblox games, one of the first things that frustrated me was figuring out how to use objects within my game. It seemed like nearly every game had different controls for basic actions such as walking or jumping, which is totally understandable for indie devs trying to find their  niche in the Roblox market. The problem with this is that it makes games unplayable if you’re used to certain keybinds, and limits the ability of your custom game to attract new players. Eventually I discovered a solution for this major inconvenience, that has helped me no end when developing my own games. This will show you a list of all console commands that are currently active in your game, which means that anything you type into the console will be automatically executed by Roblox.

how to change keybinds on roblox

Let’s say you want to make it so that pushing W runs (instead of walking), but you can’t be bothered to go into Roblox Studio and change every instance of the walk keybind. Simply type this into your console, and push W instead of walking!

Now your player should be able to run by pushing W instead of walking, and you can do this for any other keybinds in the game too. You must have at least build access in order to use these commands, but you should know that already if you’re reading this article.

What are keybinds and why are they important in Roblox games?

Keybinding is a term used in gaming to describe the process of assigning specific keys or buttons on a keyboard, controller or mouse to certain actions within a game. This allows for easy access to common actions, which are otherwise difficult using the default controls. For example if your player character needs to jump quite often you can bind spacebar so that it becomes a simple press of a button instead of taking your thumb off the directional controls.

As you can see, there are many different keybinds that can be used to make gameplay more streamlined and responsive. However it’s important to remember that these changes will only affect you while playing in that session unless you save them as your default settings when you quit Roblox.

The default keybinds for various actions in Roblox

Studio are listed below. You should use them as guidelines for your own games to ensure that there are no conflicts with other games, and to avoid any difficulty in gameplay.

I recommend that you do not change these bindings in any way, at least while you’re still learning the ropes of Roblox development. Some other categories which you might want to get accustomed with include: Object manipulation , Camera controls

How to change your keybinds to better suit your gameplay style

So you’ve found a nice set of commands for your keybinds, but you want to make them default so that these changes affect every game without having to input the change every time.

Studio will now save these keybinds for you, and every subsequent game that you play will have access to this list of commands. If any of your friends want the same changes they’ll need to do it themselves though!

Tips for using keybinds effectively in Roblox games

Start by setting a list of commonly used commands for your own use. This means that you should only have to input them once, and then they will be used automatically in all other sessions until you reset them.

You can find the instructions for how to change keybinds in Roblox Studio here . You can also find a list of all console commands here , or view the list below. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below!

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