It is widely known that Justin Bieber’s favorite song is MJ’s “Where are U Now” (produced by Diplo) and that he wanted to release it as a single. From the beginning, his camp insisted on having Justin showing his face on the artwork…

The day after the release of Purpose , fans started wondering about the album cover. It featured Justin Bieber with a face similar to the one he showed when his career was just starting… Was it really him on the cover? Did this mean that he was coming back?

Where Are u Now Album Cover

The real cover of the deluxe edition of Purpose , featuring Justin Bieber’s face, is a painting made by Ryan McCartan. In an interview with 96.5 TIC FM out in Connecticut, Ryan explained how his dad was a big fan of Justin and that he wanted to work on some sort of project with him.

Ryan had made paintings in the past featuring Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Roy Orbison. When he made them, he started with realistic images of their faces that were then “distorted” to reach a different level.

Ryan’s father sent his painting to Justin Bieber who reproduced it in an enlarged version to be the cover of “Where are u now”. The original painting is now framed and hanging on Justin Bieber’s wall, signed by Ryan himself.

So, the album cover that was supposed to show Justin Bieber’s face ended up being a painting by Ryan McCartan, an artist from California who now works as a model/actor in Hollywood. While his father could not have expected this incredible turn out, the beautiful story behind the cover only speaks of Justin Bieber’s love for art and his respect to other artist.

Why Justin Bieber is a Great Artist

Justin Bieber himself also explained the painting by saying that he looks up to artists like Roy Orbison and Marilyn Monroe because they are great examples of what you can do with your life if you follow your dreams. “I want to be an artist just like them one day”, Justin said in an interview.

When Did Justin Bieber Release His ‘Where Are U Now’ Video and How Long is it?

Justin Bieber released “Where are u now” with Skrillex and Diplo (a.k.a. Jack U) on August 28th, 2015 . The length of the song is 5:24 minutes.

Where Was the New Album Shot?

The album was shot in the Hollywood Hills, California. On September 18th , 2015, Justin Bieber posted some pictures on his Instagram with the caption “It’s about to go down”. Fans are now speculating whether these were some of the pictures used for PURPOSE or if there is some other project coming up.

Justin Bieber has not yet revealed the title of this other project, but did hint that it would be released very soon. Purpose will be available on iTunes at midnight on November 13th, 2015.

The Rise of Justin Bieber

At the age of 13, Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun. A year after signing with him, his debut single “One Time” reached #12 in Canada and #17 in United States.

The second single, released at the same time as his debut album My World is called “One Less Lonely Girl”, is a duet with American singer and actress, then 10-year-old, Ariana Grande.

Justin Bieber’s first album is certified 2x Platinum in the United States, for two million copies sold. It was also very successful around the world: it reached #6 position on Billboard 200, #2 on UK Albums Chart, #1 on Canadian Albums Chart.

The second album, released in 2010 under the title “My World 2.0”, is also certified 2x Platinum for two million copies sold. It’s very successful in Canada where it reached #1 position on Canadian Albums Chart and in United States where it reached #2 on Billboard 200. Justin Bieber won a Juno Award for Artist Of The Year and a World Music Award for Young Pop Singer of the Year.


Justin Bieber is an overall great artist, not only because of his amazing voice or incredible dance moves. Justin Bieber has proved to be hard-working and versatile when it comes to the genres he tries out. He has released songs under different names (like his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo), in different styles (pop, hip-hop, dance) and with different company (We like to dance, RBMG).

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