Introduction- What is Cards Against Humanity, the Game?

“Cards Against Humanity” is a popular, humor-based party game that requires players to come up with the funniest answer to fill in a blank. Within the game, you can use cards with words like “I do not know,” and “You are the worst person on Earth.”

This article provides an introduction and highlights some of the features of Cards Against Humanity.

Description of Cards – for example, what it consists of and what you will receive.

The game includes: 500 white cards and 100 black cards. This brings the total number up to 600 answer cards in their basic form – no funny effects or items included.

Cards Against Humanity also comes with a full-color, 30 page rule book and a copy of the explicit sticker.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity with the Ultimate Expansion

The expansion pack has 62 new cards and new “blackout rules” that allow players to steal another player’s cards.

Card Creator software: Card Creator allows you to create, customize and share your own cards with the community. You can also download pre-made decks like the latest expansion packs or decks provided by some of your favorite creators.

Cards Against Humanity is an independent game that has reached wide popularity. It’s become so popular, in fact, that other companies have created their own expansions for sale.

What are the Best Cards Against Humanity Packs?

The world has never been so bleak. What are some of the best packs in Cards Against Humanity ?

The Banned and the Damned pack is a strong contender as it comprises of some of the most talked about cards in CAH history. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity.

It also contains cards such as “The Jews,” and “Amputees.” The pack is highly recommended for those who enjoy exploring dark humor and controversial topics while laughing at jokes that some might find offensive. Another great set of Cards Against Humanity cards is the Bigger Blacker Box, a 400-card box that contains a wide range of unique cards and topics including a lot of new content that isn’t in the original set.

The most popular variety is Banned & Restricted, with best-selling items such as the Superfight Core Game, That’s Not Funny… In fact, It’s Racist! and A Game of Thrones Board Game. The Superfight set is known for its wide variety of cards depicting over-the-top action heroes and villains, as well as the ability to create new ones to strategize with.

Cards Against Humanity is a highly popular and entertaining party game from the company “Harmonix.”

The new expansion goes further with its blackest of cards. These cards include, “A windmill full of corpses,” and “An erection that lasts longer than 4 hours.” The creator of the pack even had to create a custom case for it, so it would stand out among other cards.

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity?

You can buy the original set here , the expansion pack here and several different packs of cards based on your interests and preferences from Amazon . Alternatively, you can also purchase these items in a gift box which makes a fantastic gift.

Cards Against Humanity is a great, humorous game that’s enjoyed by plenty of people. The new expansion pack only adds to the hilarity and joy it brings to those who play it.


Cards Against Humanity is a widely-popular party game that involves funny and sometimes offensive answer cards. The blackest of the Black, Erection lasting longer than four hours, Holocaust Denier – these are just some of the cards in an expansion pack for this popular card game. There’s also the Banned & Restricted Cards created especially by the people who play it – and they can even make customized decks based on their interests. This article is about how to use the Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack as well as where to buy it.

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