This article aims to discuss the ‘Delete a Save File on Pokemon Platinum’, such as how to delete a save file, and the possible causes for this action. For those who need additional information or reference, there is a video tutorial that shows how to delete the save file of Pokemon Platinum in English Language.

Operating System: Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite

Publisher: Nintendo

Region: NTSC

Language: English Language (U.S)

Video Tutorial: Delete a Save File on Pokemon Platinum’  Source: Youtube Channel iwantcheats411    Link to this video

How To Delete a Save File on Pokemon Platinum                 

I would like to begin by saying that this is not my own idea.  I simply want to share with you the information that I have acquired from other sources, and confirm whether or not it is true.  If you search for any of these methods on Google, Yahoo, YouTube, etc., you will find a video tutorial as well as article links about how to delete a save file and still be able to recover it.  I will not provide the video here due to copyright infringement, but if you search through the homepage of iwantcheats411 , you can find it there.

Necessary: Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite

Steps: 1) Open up your Gameboy Advance emulator and load up your Pokemon Platinum game file. 2) Select the ‘Save’ option (not Save State), and then select “Emulator Options.”

3) After selecting the Emulator options, you will be taken to a new screen where you can see two tabs: one for “Emulator,” and another for “Gamepak.”  Click on the “Gamepak” tab, and you should see a grid of all the Pokemon game files that are currently in your group.

4) Scroll through the menu until you find one particular file that looks like it is not any different from the others; i.e., it does not have an asterisk by its name (see image below).  Once you located the file, click on it and then press the red button that says ‘Delete.’

5) After pressing the Delete button, a new screen should appear.  This time around, choose “Yes” when you get to the question of whether or not you want to delete this particular game file (see image below).

6) After you have confirmed that you want to delete the file, go back to your emulator and check in the menu if it says “0:00:00” or not.  If it says so, then this means that your save file has been deleted successfully. 7) If you ever feel like recreating

this is a tutorial on how to delete a save file.

1)To begin, you will need your Action Replay DS or Action Replay DSi. You will also need Pokemon Platinum. Click here for the Action Replay Code Page, Click here to get Pokemon Platinum , Click Here to go Back To Main Menu

2) Insert the code you want to use and the game you want to use it on.

3) Turn your Nintendo DS or DSi system on and begin Pokemon Platinum. You will be taken to the “Pokemon Game” screen; wait for about 30 seconds before pressing any buttons. If done correctly, there should be a new pop-up message asking if you want to activate the code.

4) Press “Yes” and then the game will freeze giving you a black screen with some writing in white. This is normal and it means that the code has been activated and working properly. When this happens, turn your Nintendo DS off and remove the Pokemon Platinum cart from your system.

5) Now, turn your Nintendo DS back on and start Pokemon Platinum again. When you get to the title menu, load your most recent save file (the one that you want to delete).

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