Virtual reality enters the mainstream this year, but not everyone has a PC or console to dive into VR. Enter Ventoy – a company that promises it will install Windows 11 on Android and iOS devices. The platform currently offers an alpha release for iOS with support coming soon for Google’s Android OS as well as Microsoft’s Surface tablet lineup. With almost 100% compatibility from what we have seen so far, it could be just the thing those looking to start their VR journey without having to buy new hardware first.,

The “ventoy windows 11” is a Windows 11 installer that allows users to install Windows on unsupported devices. This tool has been updated recently to support the latest version of Windows.

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  • This is your opportunity to upgrade to Windows 11 if your existing configuration isn’t compatible.
  • Regardless, this program will allow you to install the most recent OS.
  • You can really get around the security and hardware constraints by using Ventoy.
  • On its own GitHub website, the program is accessible to anybody who wants it.

Although many people were excited about the prospect of a new operating system, Windows 11 generated a lot of dissatisfaction and uncertainty among users.

Mostly because, despite the fact that it’s free, the system requirements restrict a lot of users from installing it on their present configurations.

Many people have already voiced their displeasure on social media, claiming that their computers are fully capable of running Windows 11, but that the business is refusing to provide the free update because it believes their hardware is ineligible.

With Ventoy, you can get around system requirements.

It was just a matter of time until someone devised a means to install Windows 11 on non-supported devices, as predicted.

Ventoy is a program that enables you to install the newest OS while also skipping the system requirements verification, which means you may install the operating system regardless of whether or not your device is suitable.

The program is also available for download, and it may be used to produce bootable USB devices from a number of image formats, including ISO, WIM, IMG, and VHD.

Ventoy differs from other solutions, including Rufus and Universal MediaCreationTool, in that it writes image files on USB media without extracting them first, and that numerous image files may be added to boot various systems.

Remember that the PC Health Check program from Microsoft is still the best way to see whether a machine is compatible with Windows 11.

If you don’t receive the thumbs up, you won’t be able to install the OS, however there are ways to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and other prerequisites.


So, if you really want the most up-to-date operating system on your PC, the first step is to download the most recent version of Ventoy from the project’s GitHub page.

It is available for Windows and Linux, with the Windows version being sent as a zip file that must be extracted after downloading.

If you choose this option instead of Microsoft’s new OS, please tell us about your experience in the comments section below.

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