The “sling tv packages” is a reminder that Sling TV is going away on April 29th.

Sling TV has been offering a great service for cord cutters since its inception. One of the biggest complaints from Sling users is that there are no regularly scheduled NBA games to watch on the platform, but Hulu recently announced it will be adding them soon. Will this eventually lead to an integration between both services?

This is just a polite reminder that Sling TV’s one-year price guarantee will expire on August 1, 2021. All individuals who managed to evade the most recent price hike will be obliged to pay the current higher cost once August arrives. Sling TV is expected to contact and email impacted customers, but in the meanwhile, it’s important to be informed of the approaching change.


Sling TV has long marketed itself as the most economical live TV streaming service, and it mainly lives up to that promise. Despite the fact that it has fewer channels and features than some other providers, it is still far less expensive than AT&T, fubo, Hulu, and YouTube’s offerings. However, even the cost of a low-cost live TV streaming service has been rising.

Sling TV began at a low price of $20 a month, but it has since gone through several price rises. Each time, the increases have been merely $5, with the most recent one taking effect in January of this year. The price hike to $35 per month, however, was exclusively for new users who signed up for the Sling Blue or Sling Orange plans. Sling TV said it was adopting a price lock for all current customers months before the price rise was ever announced.


Sling was basically promising that everyone who signed up for a subscription by August 1, 2020 would get their existing pricing for a year. The initial announcement came only days after YouTube TV raised its monthly pricing to $64.99 and fuboTV raised its monthly price to $59.99. With August 1 rapidly approaching, the price lock will expire in the coming weeks.

Sling TV is still a cost-effective choice.

Even if the pricing for current members will increase in the coming weeks, Sling TV remains a reasonable alternative overall. As long as one of the two main plans includes the channels a person or family needs, it is likely to be a less expensive option than many of the other major providers. Philo is the one exception. Even Philo, however, recently increased its pricing, with new users now required to pay $25 per month. Those who signed up for Philo before the price rise on June 8 will continue to pay the lower $20 monthly subscription.

For the record, just because the price guarantee expires on August 1 doesn’t imply the price will automatically change for all current customers on that day. As is customary, the increase is tied to the individual’s billing cycle, so users can anticipate a higher monthly fee anytime their payment is due after August 1. This is one price hike you won’t have to worry about if you’re already paying $35 per month for Sling TV.

Sling TV’s 1 is a reminder that Sling TV has been around for a while. It was founded in 2011 and it has over 2 million subscribers. Reference: sling tv login.

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