JD Logistics, a leading provider of logistics solutions for companies in China and Southeast Asia, is considering expanding its air freight business to help meet demand from foreign customers.

JD Logistics Eyes Air Freight Business. JD Logistics is a logistics company that is owned by the JDA Group and has been in operation since 2008. It specializes in air freight, customs clearance, warehousing and distribution solutions.

To break into the burgeoning cross-border cargo industry, JD Logistics is eyeing the air freight sector. In order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, major lockdowns were implemented and many flights were grounded. Huge traffic bottlenecks occurred as a result of the lockdowns at China’s ports. To clear the backlog and dispatch new orders, many firms are turning to faster options like air freight.

As a result, JD Logistics is contemplating entering the aviation market in order to get a piece of the pie. JD Logistics has already started the process by completing commercial viability analyses and obtaining the relevant permissions. JD.com has previously been granted permission to run an air freight company by China’s Civil Aviation Administration. According to Yui Yu, JD Logistics’ chief executive officer, the company expects to have more than 100 aircraft by 2030. Yui Yu told Bloomberg TV that Covid-19 suffocated supply chain businesses, resulting in a severe scarcity of air freight and shipping resources. While Covid-19 has created extensive disruptions, he also claims that it has boosted worldwide internet purchasing.

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JD Logistics has now joined the ranks of corporations such as Amazon.com, which is exploring acquiring cargo aircraft to convey its Chinese goods. To expand its worldwide operations, JD Logistics wants to expand its global warehouse networks and construct highly automated delivery systems. Cement is positioned as one of the region’s major logistics and e-commerce industries, and its air freight operation is likely to grow. The corporation also plans to spend $155 million in low-carbon supply chain solutions in order to minimize emissions.

JD.com’s leadership changes when Liu Qiangdong steps down.

Liu Qiangdong intends to relinquish his position as CEO to focus on other priorities, such as assisting China’s poor neighborhoods and training new leaders. He has a significant amount of power over the corporation and will keep 80 percent of the voting rights, implying that he will continue to play an active role.

The business has established a new president post, which will be occupied by Xu Lei, the former CEO of JD retail. Lei will be in charge of the company’s day-to-day operations as well as pushing the company’s strategy forward. He has a long history in the sector and an amazing track record. Most of JD’s subsidiaries and other divisions will be affected by the leadership changes. Xin Lijun steps into the job of chief executive officer, which became vacant when Xu Lin was named president of the corporation. 

Liu Qiangdong’s biographical information

Liu Qiangdong, the founder of JD.com, is a savvy businessman. Chang’an, a tiny hamlet in China, is where he was born and raised. He grew up there and went on to study sociology at the University of China later in life. He took an interest in computer coding while in university and began to teach himself. He went to work for Japan Life, a firm that dealt with natural supplements, after graduation. The corporation had an online presence, and Liu Qiangdong acquired a deep interest in online commerce as the director of computers.

Liu Qiangdong began his career by dabbling in a variety of companies, including eateries, selling health items, and eventually selling computer components. When the SARS pandemic came out in 2004, the retail company had begun to perform well, but it met a hitch. SARS prompted him to switch his company’s activities on the internet. As a consequence, many individuals may be able to buy without ever having to leave their homes. By liquidating physical enterprises and selling the items online, Liu Qiangdong trusted his internet business instincts.

He provided excellent customer service and made use of technology to enhance the user experience. He developed cutting-edge technologies and solid back-end platforms that set him apart from his rivals at the time. He used drones to do same-day deliveries. JD was able to surpass its competition because to its online approach. The firm has continued to develop at a rapid pace and is now regarded as one of the top e-commerce businesses in the world. The firm is now traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

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