This article will help you find out what type of battery your laptop has and how to change it.

The how to check laptop battery model hp is a question that has been asked many times. There are many ways to find out what the battery in your laptop is, but this article will go over some of the most common methods.

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If you find yourself in the unpleasant situation of needing to replace your laptop battery, it’s normal to wonder how to find out what battery it contains. This is due to the fact that not all laptop batteries are created equal, and you must choose the right one for your laptop.

There are a few straightforward options. Simply glancing at the stickers on the battery will provide you with all of the necessary information. If this is not feasible, you may contact the laptop’s manufacturer via their website. However, you’ll need to know the laptop’s precise model. Using a third-party application will be a more convenient option.

If you want to replace the battery in your laptop, you’ll need to know the model number. If you opt to do your research online, make sure you only utilize trustworthy sites; otherwise, you may end up with inaccurate information.

How can I figure out what kind of battery my laptop has?

You may need to know how to locate the battery in my laptop at some point. This information will assist you in making informed decisions regarding a new battery.

There are four ways that may help you or tell you precisely what to do.

  1. Look over the Battery Stickers.
  2. Parts and Batteries for Laptops may be found online.
  3. Making Use of Third-Party Software
  4. Using the OS’s Built-In Services

1. Examine the Battery Labels

Only if you can securely get access to the battery pack will this technique work. On the batteries, all manufacturers provide tags with useful information about the original component.

They do this because the end-user may need to replace or fix anything along the way, and having these data on hand may help repair workers.

You can find out a lot about your battery by using the stickers, including its serial number, component number, and other important details like its capacity.

The stickers may also tell you how much charging current it requires and how effectively it discharges.

All of this means that the stickers on a laptop battery may be a gold mine of information.

Take precautions.

Some laptops feature built-in batteries that are difficult to reach. As a result, you may need to open it up to manually inspect the battery.

Users who are unfamiliar with dismantling laptops may find this procedure intimidating, not to mention that it may invalidate your warranty or do other harm.

2. Look for laptop parts and batteries on the internet.

Finding the precise battery model may be difficult, particularly if you don’t have the tags to refer to. Fortunately, you may learn more about the battery by focusing your search on the laptop itself.

You’ll need to know the laptop’s specific model name, and if you can locate its serial number, your search will be much more accurate.

When you do an internet search, you will get a large number of results, some of which may or may not be helpful, much alone relevant. As a consequence, if you want to fine-tune your query results, look for results from the brand’s manufacturer.

So, if you’re looking for an HP laptop, you’ll want to look for results from the official HP website, since they’ll have the most up-to-date information.

If the laptop is new, you may examine the user handbook that came with it, which follows the manufacturer’s advice. You may discover information on the battery in certain models.


As you can see, you’ll need some fundamental facts before you can figure out how to find out what battery my laptop has online. As a result, this procedure adds a new wrinkle in that it necessitates determining the precise laptop model.

As a consequence, the first stages of this procedure may be lengthy. Users also face the danger of receiving false information if they do not use caution while looking online.

3. Utilization of third-party software

battery viewBattery Information View (source)

Some people figured out that consumers would want to know how to find out what battery my laptop has, so they made applications that accomplish exactly that.

These are third-party applications that analyze your laptop in order to learn more about its different components, including the battery it employs.

You can do this using a variety of applications, and depending on which one you choose, you can receive a comprehensive examination of your battery, including the specific model and component number. This may make the procedure a lot simpler since all you have to do is download, install, and run a tiny program.

The BatteryInfoView is a popular third-party program in this respect.

However, this is not without its drawbacks. You must be cautious not to download any undesirable software, or your computer may get infected with malware.

As a result, although this technique is simpler, caution must be used to prevent inadvertently exposing oneself to greater danger than is required.

4. Using the OS’s built-in services

Powercfg.exe is a software that may be accessed using the powercfg command in the Command Prompt or PowerShell terminals on Windows OS.

In the first instance, go to the start menu and look for the “Command Prompt” application. Then, since it requires elevated rights to function properly, run it using the “Run as Administrator” option.

Paste the following command into the terminal: ‘powercfg /batteryreport /output “C:battery.html”‘ (without the backticks). This will generate a ‘battery.html’ file in the C partition’s root directory.

The file will open in your usual browser, with an entry for the battery serial number somewhere near the top. Check to see whether yours has any information in it. The remainder of the file includes different battery statistics.   

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Final Thoughts

Proceeding with things like replacements should be a breeze now that you know how to find out what battery my laptop has.

Because there are so many choices, consumers must decide which technique is the most convenient while still being successful.

Third-party applications are simple to set up and use, and they may offer a wealth of information in addition to the battery’s model. Depending on how much time and care you put into an internet search, you may find a wealth of information.

Considering everything, choosing the battery type for your laptop doesn’t have to be difficult.

The how to find lenovo laptop battery model number is a question that has been asked many times. There are two ways to find the battery model number on a Lenovo laptop. One way is through the BIOS and the other way is through Windows Device Manager.

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