ALC Observer is a tool designed to help people in their daily lives by observing various activities and events in the real world around them. It includes features such as geolocation, text-to-speech, video recording and live streaming. ALC uses blockchain technology for its smart contracts that ensure transparency of data processing and ownership through distributed ledgers
Introduction: The use cases for AI are about to explode into reality with an estimated $150 billion market projected by 2020. But there has yet been no consensus on how we will regulate this new era of technology which could lead us towards deep societal change or catastrophic failure caused by uncertainty of policy implementation
Category: Digital Assets & Blockchain Technology (General)
Introduction: What did you know about bitcoin? Do you think it’s accessible? Well what if I told you that Bitcoin was just one type of cryptocurrency out there – but not THE only one! Today we’re going to break down some other cryptocurrencies so that everyone can understand whats happening behind the scenes

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