Moustaches, beards, sunglasses and more are all the rage these days. But what is your favorite mustache or beard style? What kind of sunglasses do you like to wear most? Well, if you want to know which apps will help you get that perfect look for any occasion then this article is for you!

The best free app for adding stickers to photos is a tool that allows users to add stickers of various shapes and sizes. It also gives the ability to crop, rotate, and change the opacity of the sticker.

This post will provide 5 top picture stickers applications for your iPhone and Android if you want to add photo stickers to your photographs. You can quickly alter your pictures with the assistance of these amusing photo stickers applications by adding realistic stickers such as moustaches, beards, haircuts, emojis, clothing, tattoos, sun glasses, and more. On your iPhone or Android phone, try any of these amusing picture sticker applications.

Best iPhone & Android Photo Sticker Apps

1. ImgLabs Editor (for iPhone & Android): Add Photo Stickers, Moustaches, Beards, Costumes, Animals, and More –

This is mostly a picture editing software for iPhone and iPad users, but it also includes a large number of realistic photo stickers that can be simply applied to your photos.

Try this fantastic software if you want to experiment with different facial expressions. Hundreds of realistic picture stickers, including moustaches, beards, hair wigs, clothing, super hero costumes, tattoos, sun glasses, and animals, are included in the app.

This software allows you to try on various outfits, suits, and super hero costumes on your face. More than 25 editing options are included in this fun picture software.

ImgLabs has a ton of great tools for editing, retouching, and enhancing your photos. With a number of pictures, you may make fantastic photo collages.

With screenshots, here are the main features of this picture sticker and editor app:

Stickers for Clothes: You may use them to try on various kinds of clothing on your body. This software has a clothes changing feature that allows you to quickly apply your favorite clothing stickers on your body.

:- Spectacles :- Spectacles :- Specta This gadget aids in making you seem appealing and lovely. Sunglasses may be simply added to your pictures. Both male and female eyeglass picture stickers are included in the app.

Stickers for the body: This tool looks a lot like the clothes tool. You may drastically alter your picture by applying body photo stickers on your face. This application may be used for a variety of tasks, including the creation of amusing memes, promotional advertisements, and more.

Tattoos: Do you like getting tattoos? This tool may be extremely helpful if you want to have tattoos on your body. You may decorate your body with tattoo picture stickers to make it more appealing.

Beards and Moustaches: Try this option if you want to make humorous pictures or alter the appearance of your face. You may quickly alter your appearance by adding moustaches and beards to your face. To make hilarious pictures or memes, you may also add goofy beards or moustaches.

Super Hero Costumes Stickers: This tool may offer you a glimpse of how you can appear like a superhero by wearing their costumes. You can simply make your pictures seem like Iron Man, Spider Man, Wonder Woman, and other super heroes by using super hero costume stickers.

To attract more attention, you may also post your picture stickers on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram.

Emojis and Emoticons: This is a really helpful tool for expressing your emotions with emojis and emoticons. Emojis are a simple way to make memes or express yourself.

Hat, Flowers, and Happy Birthday Photo Stickers: The software includes hundreds of photo stickers, including hats, flowers, and happy birthday stickers, among other things. Realistic animal picture stickers, such as Cute Dog, Lion, Snake, Tiger, and others, may be added to your photographs.

A fast picture collage creator tool, attractive photo frames, photo stickers, photo editing tools, color balancing tool, photo filters, and other helpful features are included in the program. For iPhone users, this is one of the finest picture sticker applications.

Install the ImgLabs sticker app on your iPhone.

Install the ImgLabs sticker app on your Android device.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio ( iPhone & Android ) –

All-in-one picture editing software includes free custom stickers and stickers created by users. One of the most popular picture sticker applications for iPhone and Android users.

PicsArt picture sticker maker tool – PicsArt includes a handy tool for making your own clip arts and photo stickers. Using your own pictures, you may make photo stickers. You may use this program to convert your photos into picture stickers.

Thousands of editing tools are available in the app, allowing you to edit, retouch, and improve your photos like an expert. PicsArt Picture Studio contains a professional photo editor, a photo collage creator with many choices, 200+ typefaces, a custom sticker maker, and a variety of other tools.


PicsArt picture studio offers a number of unique features, including a photo remix option, a sticker creation tool, and a photo sharing option, among others. Try this amazing app on your smartphone if you want to add picture stickers to your photos.

You can discover a variety of amusing picture stickers in a variety of categories, which you can use to modify your photo and make hilarious memes.

This software is great for adding picture stickers, making memes, and creating stunning photo collages. To gain additional attention, you may post your work on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

Every iPhone user should get this picture sticker app.


4. Fotor: Photo Editor & Stickers (Android & iPhone) –

Fotor is a popular picture editing software for smartphone users that includes a variety of helpful editing features such as regularly updated photo stickers and photo frames.

This picture sticker software for your iPhone or Android smartphone is a must-have if you want to experiment with various photo stickers on your photos.

Picture editing tools, photo collage creation tools, trendy photo filters, 300+ photo effects, regularly updated photo stickers, and many more features are available in Fotor.

This is a fantastic software that allows you to apply humorous picture stickers to your photos. Try using funny picture stickers on your images to alter your appearance or make hilarious photos.

Fotor is an Android app that you may download.

For iPhone, use the Fotor app.

Moldiv: Photo Stickers & Other Editing Tools (Android & iPhone) –

Picture editing program has a plethora of capabilities, including photo stickers and other kinds of photo editing tools, as well as face beautifier choices.

Picture editing tools, a beauty camera option, a photo collage creator tool, a photo filter option, and photo objects are among the professional capabilities included in the Moldiv app.

One of the finest picture sticker applications for iPhone and Android users, featuring a variety of photo editing capabilities.

If you want a fully functioning picture editing software for your iPhone or Android smartphone, you should check out this excellent program, which includes nearly all of the required functions as well as some unique ones like face beautifier, water reflection, one-touch object removal, and makeup tool.

This picture app includes regularly updated photo stickers as well as a sticker creator tool that allows you to build your own emojis and photo stickers.

Moldiv is an Android app that you may download.

Install the Moldiv app on your iPhone.

The add stickers to photos iphone free is a great app that allows users to add stickers to their pictures.

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You can use a sticker app for this.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”How do you add stickers to pictures?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
You can use the sticker app on your phone to add stickers to pictures.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the best app to design stickers on?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The best app for designing stickers is called Sticker Maker, which can be found on the App Store.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What app lets you put stickers on pictures?

You can use a sticker app for this.

How do you add stickers to pictures?

You can use the sticker app on your phone to add stickers to pictures.

What is the best app to design stickers on?

The best app for designing stickers is called Sticker Maker, which can be found on the App Store.

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