ZSight is a new Android app that turns your smartphone into a virtual security camera. It’s easy to use, and the best part is that it uses your phone’s camera to automatically detect motion and send alerts to designated people.


ZSight PC/MAC Download: Are you searching for the ZSight download for Windows 10/8.1/8/7? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. We’ll show you how to quickly download ZSight APK on your PC or laptop in this article. So, let’s see what happens.


ZSight for PC may be downloaded here.

The PC version of ZSight is a fascinating program. It was created for Android and iOS smartphones, allowing people to view videos on their IP devices. For example, if you have placed video cameras around your home or business, you may use our ZSight Application to see live footage from anywhere on any device.

It is primarily a video editing and playback tool. You can also use ZSight APK for Windows Laptop to listen to live audio from your IP Devices. We can also do a lot more with this software on Windows, such as reading QR codes and so on.

For PC, ZSight

Despite the fact that the ZSight APK has acquired so much popularity across the globe in such a short period of time, the creators have yet to release the ZSight program for PC/Laptop. However, we may utilize it on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 using one of the many free android emulators accessible online. 

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To root an Android device, get the Poot APK.

We just cannot differ in such a large and competitive world :(. Everything has competitors, even the ZSight application. But why should we download it in the first place? The solution is straightforward! It has features that are available for free. 

So, let’s have a look at the ZSight App for PC/features. Laptop’s

  • On any of your IP devices, you may watch videos.
  • Use your mobile device to capture video and photos.
  • Configure your device’s WiFi settings.
  • Playback video from your device’s SD memory card.
  • Listen to real-time audio and communicate with humans or pets.
  • Configure your device’s remote connection automatically.
  • Optimize the real-time video process to address the distant video scanning problem.
  • Improve the method for adding a device by scanning a QR code.

So those were some of Zsight APK’s features. It may be downloaded through the app stores for Android and iOS smartphones. What if you want to use it on a Windows computer or laptop?

Don’t worry, it’s really easy. Any Android emulator, such as Bluestacks, NOX, or YouWave, may be used to run ZSight on a PC.

Let us examine How to Download ZSight App for PC/Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 without further ado.

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We’ll use BlueStacks to download ZSight APK on Windows 10 since it’s one of the finest Android emulators for Windows PC/Laptop. It also includes a lot of features that many other Android emulators don’t have. So, let’s have a look at how to download and install the ZSight software on a Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC/Laptop.

Step 1: Install BlueStacks on your computer or laptop. We suggest the most recent version since it is free of bugs. Then, on your Windows PC/Laptop, install it.

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, run it as administrator and login in to your Google account to access applications such as the Google Play Store.

Step 3: Next, go to Play Store and type in ZSight For PC in the search box. Then press the install button.

You may also use the button below to get the ZSight APK for PC/Laptop.

ZSight For PC is a program that allows you to see what’s going on

Step 4: Once logging in and setting the BlueStacks emulator, you may launch the program after it has been successfully installed on your PC.

Downloading ZSight App for PC/Laptop Requirements

There are certain requirements for operating smoothly on a PC/Laptop, including:-

  1. A processor with a clock speed of 1 GHz or higher is required.
  2. RAM of 1 GB or more is required.
  3. A minimum of 5GB of free hard drive space is required.

Well, the technique described above does not always work for every user. The reason for this is because BlueStacks’ intensive usage need a PC with a very high setup. So, if you want to download ZSight APK for PC, then follow these instructions.

Step 1: Get YouWave Emulator and install it on your smartphone.

Step 2: After that, install it on your device and run it as administrator to use it.

Step 3: To download ZSight for PC, follow the procedures outlined above.

Details of the APP ZSight For PC

Size 11MB
Requirements Android emulator and Windows 7+
Publisher Support for Zmodo

You can successfully run ZSight on a Windows PC/Laptop if you meet these criteria.

Alternatives to Zsight APK

There are no doubts that ZSight App is one of the finest applications for remotely accessing camera devices on Android or Windows. However, for some individuals, it may not function correctly, therefore here is a list of 4 excellent alternatives to ZSight App for Laptop or PC.


WiseView, like ZSight App, is a security monitoring app. On our smartphone, WiseView allows us to view live footage from our security cameras. It also has a unique feature: when motion is detected, the video recording begins automatically, making it the finest alternative to ZSight for PC.

Both Android and iOS versions of the Wiseview App are available. WiseView for PC may be obtained using the same method that you used to get ZSight/ZModo for PC.


CamHi for PC is a network monitoring camera software that enables you to keep an eye on what’s going on in your home, workplace, or anyplace else. The software works by storing camera video to your phone’s memory card (SD card) for immediate viewing or later playback.

It is one of the finest free apps accessible on the internet. It’s a fantastic Windows alternative to ZSight APK.

WardenCam is a home security camera.

WardenCam is by far the finest smartphone security camera and the best ZSight for Laptop replacement. It offers fantastic customer service, which typically responds within 24 hours. It was also named the best IP CAM app on the Play Store.

You may use any extra smartphone or tablet as a security camera if you have one. WardenCam turns your smartphone into a security camera that you can monitor from afar using your Windows computer or laptop. The greatest thing about this ZSight alternative is that it is completely free.


When it comes to video monitoring software, Xmeye is a fantastic option to ZSight for PC. It allows users to log in using cloud technologies. You may immediately store your data to the cloud.

It’s also free on the Google Play Store. It has a lot of functions, such as remote playback, local device add, edit, and deletion, and so on. If you can’t get Zsight to work on Windows, you should give it a go.

Uniden Guardian 2 is a sequel to Uniden Guardian.

Uniden Guardian 2 is another ZSight Application alternative. It also includes capabilities such as remote playback. Using mobile data or Wi-Fi, you may see the live video of your camera gadget from anywhere.

It is also available for free on the Google Play Store. The only negative aspect of this software is its lackluster customer service. It may take up to 3-4 days to get a response from them. As a result, it is the least of the two ZSight options that I would suggest.

Final Thoughts

Security must be prioritized at all costs. So, we’ve shown you how to use ZSight to watch video camera footage on a PC or laptop running Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

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